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Handle raw material

Handle raw material

"le Thiers" knife

"Le Thiers ®" knife is a registered design. It is the exclusive property of the Brotherhood who grants the use to its members. It is characterized with a straight blade and a slightly curved handle.

The result of the collective approach of an entire profession, LE THIERS® bears the name of its town, the capital of French cutlery.
Created by the Founding Companions of the Confrérie, the registered model of the knife, the figurative and semi-figurative marks are the property of the Confrérie du Couteau LE THIERS®.
Companion manufacturers adhere to Jurande regulations and comply with the requirements:

- quality
- traceability
- territoriality
- professional ethics

A simple idea to conjugate in the plural.

The LE THIERS® knife has a shape that is both modern and timeless, recognizable among all: a double wave, for the shape, whose obliques at both ends of the handle are reversed. The design of the LE THIERS® knife is registered with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property). The model is the property of the Confrérie du Couteau LE THIERS®. Each Companion manufacturer who wishes to offer his interpretation of the LE THIERS® knife must present a prototype to the Jurande Council and obtain an authorization before being able to launch any production.

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