Genuine Laguiole knife with certificate

Laguiole is not a trademark, as too old. It is part of the public domain, that is why anybody can make knives with Laguiole brand.

The real Laguiole knife is manufactured through 170 operations manual made by expert craftsmen.

We respect this tradition of manufacturing in our plant in Lezoux, near Thiers which name is "Laguiole Le Fidele".

Several manufacturers Laguiole work with the same process and produce high quality knives, like ours.

However, there are fake laguiole knives that are automatically made from molds in plants in China and even in France.

The difference in quality is obvious, and it hurts our image.
 How to recognize a truth Laguiole knife

A true Laguiole must include :
Handle with high quality raw material (real horn, wood...)

The assembly is done by hand and everything is mounted as a puzzle, assembled nested. Fake knives are glued.

The blade is a high grade stainless steel, highly resistant to time. The true Laguiole have a perfectly smooth blade, a sharp and exceptionally brilliant impeccable.
Fake knives have a blade with poor quality steel, and are not resistance over time.

The bolsters are brass or brushed steel. Fake knives have aluminum bolsters.

The bee is steel (brushed or not), and then welded to the knife. The bee is flat on fake knives. Most of the time it is glued on it, that is why it brakes very often.

Shepherd's cross (5 stamps) on the handle is the result of a manual collation of a traditional knife.

The weight of the knife is different, much heavier than fake one.

We work in a traditional way, guarantee our products for life against defects in workmanship and have never had a return of non-satisfaction.