The Laguiole French knives company

The Laguiole French Knives company was created in 2001 to market Laguiole Le Fidèle knives on the Internet.

Laguiole French knives contact details


Phone : + 33 6 67 74 47 16

E-mail :

INTRACOMMUNITY VAT number: N° FR34438231425

Address : - SARL SELF
52 bd Montchalamet
63130 Royat

The LE FIDELE Cutlery was created in 1991 and practices a quality policy on knives.

At its beginnings, the dog brand was specialized in the artisanal manufacture of the mythical knife "Le Laguiole", and very quickly knew how to decline it in original models, which is why today the Cutlery LE FIDELE still presents its famous "Dodu" "," Laguiole bolster Alu "or its" Turned plates ".

At the present time, the LE FIDELE cutlery presents many models of knives, from Laguiole to regional knives, such as Le Thiers, Pradel or Yatagan Basque.

It is innovative with its "Engravings" and "Marquetry" models obtained using its laser, resulting from advanced technology which it was the first to use.