Where to buy laguiole knives : The Laguiole workshop

The assembly of the knives

This part of the workshop is used to assemble knives. The Laguiole knife is made with several pieces that are assembled together to make the final knife.

Milling and drilling room

It is essential to drill the plates so that we can assemble. This drilling is carried out individually on each knife by our craftsmen.

Plates for the handles

The plate is the metal part of the handle..

The polishing room

Once the knife is assembled, it goes to polishing to polish the handle and make the finishes..

Polishing machines for finishes

Storage of wooden and horn plates

The plates we use are certified and traceable and come from sustainable development.

Example of a royal ebony plate from Laos

Laser machine for engraving blades and springs

We can customize the blades and knife springs using this Laser machine.

Exhibition store

The workshop exhibition store allows you to see a large part of the range that we offer. We hope to meet you there on your next visit.

Hope to see you in our workshops