Laguiole French Knives

Every Laguiole knife we offer on this site is made in France, by hand, by the craftsmen of Laguiole Le Fidèle workshops.

All knives are handmade with the utmost respect for tradition, with 170 manual operations making each knife a unique piece.

  • The brand name is engraved on the blades: Le Fidèle.
  • Each knife is an original.
  • All handles are made with high-quality raw materials (genuine horn, wood, etc.) and assembled by hand, resembling a puzzle.
  • The knife blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion.
  • The blade is perfectly smooth, impeccably sharpened, and exceptionally shiny.
  • The bolsters are made of brass or brushed steel, and the bee emblem is either welded to the knife or forged with the spring.
  • Lastly, the shepherd's cross (5 stamps) on the handle is the result of manual assembly of a traditional knife.

The knives are traditionally crafted and are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.

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History of the Laguiole Knife

The first Laguiole knife was made in 1828 by Mr. Moulin, a cutler in Laguiole, a village in southern France, who lent his name to the famous knife brand. Since then, the Laguiole knife has been mainly manufactured in France, in Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme), and in its original village in Aveyron.

Laguiole is not a registered trademark because it is too old. The name is in the public domain and can therefore be freely manufactured, which is why the brand suffers from numerous "fakes" from Asia. The skilled artisans of Laguiole Le Fidèle craft the knives with the utmost respect for tradition, by hand, with 170 manual operations.