Laguiole Knife with Damascus Handmade Blade with its American’s Buffalo/Bison Horn Crust Handle.


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Laguiole knife with damascus Handmade blade - american’s buffalo/bison Horn Crust Handle.

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580,52 €

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Collector knife - Traditional Laguiole Knife

Size : 12 cm (4,73 in) closed / 21,5 cm (8,47 in) opened

Raw material of the handle : Buffalo/Bison Horn Crust from america

Bolsters : no bolster

Raw material of the blade : Guilloched handmade forged Damascus Blade

No dishwasher

Horn is a natural material that varies in nuance. These varying hues are all part of their beauty and what make each handle unique.

Our handles are carved from the main horn to give incredibly robust, top quality knives. In ancient times, horn was favoured more highly than wood for its solidity.

Black horn is known for its solidity, it almost certainly owes its reputation to the fact that the first horns used were those of the buffalo, a very strong, hardy animal.

Horn handles can vary enormously in hue ranging from very dark (almost plain black) to dark beige.



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