Stone to sharpen blades knives


Stone to sharpen blades of Laguiole  knives


The sharpening stone is a two-grain stone, simple to use and easy to carry everywhere thanks to its compact shape.

To sharpen a blade without damaging it, the whetstone is designed with two separate grains, one for the beginnnig of the sharpening and one for finish.

Thanks to these two grains, your blade regains its cutting quality without you having to provide much effort. The Laguiole sharpening stone can be used to sharpen all types of knives: pocket knives, kitchen knives, etc. Its abrasion power lasts so you can use it for a long time.

It is important to know how to use your sharpening stone. A good use allows to find a cutting edge of very good quality and very often to catch up with the scratches obtained on your knives over time.

How to use your sharpening stone?

Before use, it is best to soak the stone for a few minutes in water. Then you have to keep the knife at an angle between 15 and 30 degrees from the stone and perform back and forth movements without giving any particular pressure. The Laguiole sharpening stone must always remain wet during sharpening as water mixes with the abrasion residue and thus improves the final sharpening result. The surface of the sharpening stone must always remain flat in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

When sharpening a sharp tool, it is necessary to use a stone of increasing fineness favorable for sharpening. The polish of the edge strongly influences the cutting quality of the blade.