Making process of a laguiole knife.

This example is a traditional folding laguiole knife with blond horn tip handle and stainless steel blade.



Main spare parts of a knife are: the blade, 2 stainless steel plates for the handle, 2 plates of natural horn and a spring.

making process of Laguiole




1. Plates of horn are the body of the handle and are fitted to the stainless-steel plates.



2. Raw material of the handle is fitted and drilled.



3. Drilling process of the shepherded cross using a tiny drill bit.



4. Stainless steel plates are milled.



5. Spare parts are fit together using stainless steel screws and brass rivet. Brass parts are inserted into shepherded cross holes.



6. Spring is then adjusted, and remaining rivets flattened. Handle is polished using abrasive strip. This step polish brass parts, rivets and screws.



7. Handle is polished several times using abrasive strip on which grain is more and more thin. The blade is then sharpened for the last time, creating what is so called “Fil de lame” which is the cutting edge of the blade.





8. The last step is the lustring of the knife using canvas brush and polish paste.



9. The final result !



Laguiole Knife - Blond Horn Tip Handle - Stainless Steel Bolsters