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Handle raw material

Handle raw material

"le Roquefort" knife

"Le Roquefort" is a regional knife which takes its name from the famous Aveyronnais blue cheese made since the 11th century from raw sheep's milk, which cheese lovers around the world envy us.

It has a straight blade shaped like a sage leaf. Its handle ends in a crow's beak. The production of this traditional Aveyron knife, stopped for 60 years, is now taken over by Le Fidele

In Roquefort, the city where we make this famous cheese that the whole world envies us, we use the turning knife. It is a straight model with a long and wide blade intended for this delicate operation, re-turning, which involves periodically removing the outer rind that forms on the cheese loaves during their ripening. This was done in the past by the cabanières, by the light of the calelh, under the supervision of the clerk, and a hell of a helping hand was necessary because it was necessary to make no less than three hundred cheeses a day with this knife held in the manner of a Shaver.

The Roquefort is not at all this knife, it is a pocket model that will accompany you on a daily basis as a faithful companion. Its precious wood or horn-tip handle has a slightly corbin beak finish. Its blade, called "sage leaf", made of 12C27 steel, renowned for its quality of cut and ease of maintenance, will be a guarantee of longevity. If it was given to you and as tradition dictates, don't forget to give a coin to the person who gave it to you.

Made in Millau, 10 minutes from Roquefort, in the “L’âme du Causse” cutlery workshops, your knife is guaranteed for life against all manufacturing defects. For maintenance do not run it under water, simply wipe it dry.

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