Laguiole cutlery of 6 tablespoons with curly maple wood handle and stainless steel bolsters


Laguiole table set - 6 tablespoons

  • Handle made with curly maple wood
  • 2 stainless steel bolsters
  • Classic Spring, Welded Bee
  • 12C27 Stainless steel
  • Each tablespoon 21 cm (8.3 in)

Type : Laguiole table set - 6 tablespoons
Raw material of the handle :  curly maple wood
Bolsters : 2 stainless steel bolsters
Spring : Classic Spring, Welded Bee
Raw material of the blade : 12C27 Stainless steel
Size :  Each tablespoon 21 cm (8.3 in)

No dishwasher

Delivered with certificate of authenticity

This item is made in France in our workshops of Laguiole le Fidèle.

It is unique and handcrafted by our expert craftsmen with 170 manual operations.

Curly maple wood handle

Moiré maple, curly maple or wavy maple on the back of the violin is a characteristic of maple, in which the growth of wood fibers is distorted into a pattern of shimmering waves. Appreciated for its beautiful appearance, it is frequently used in the manufacture of musical instruments, such as violins and bassoons, and in furniture. Another well-known use of the material is its use in guitars.


Data sheet

Handle raw material
Curly Maple Wood
Blade type
12C27 Stainless steel
Stainless steel (x2)
Classic Spring & Welded Bee
Folding knife

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