Laguiole cutlery of 6 tablespoons with bocote wood handle and stainless steel bolsters


Laguiole table set - 6 tablespoons

  • Handle made with bocote wood
  • 2 stainless steel bolsters
  • Classic Spring, Welded Bee
  • 12C27 Stainless steel
  • Each tablespoon 21 cm (8.3 in)

Type : Laguiole table set - 6 tablespoons
Raw material of the handle :  bocote wood
Bolsters : 2 stainless steel bolsters
Spring : Classic Spring, Welded Bee
Raw material of the blade : 12C27 Stainless steel
Size :  Each tablespoon 21 cm (8.3 in)

No dishwasher

Delivered with certificate of authenticity

This item is made in France in our workshops of Laguiole le Fidèle.

It is unique and handcrafted by our expert craftsmen with 170 manual operations.

Bocote wood handle

Bocote wood, or Cordia gerascanthus, is a precious exotic material that is widely appreciated for its beauty, durability, and unique properties. Native to the tropical regions of Central America, primarily from Mexico to Venezuela, bocote has become a popular choice for a variety of applications, including the manufacture of Laguiole knife handles.

Bocote wood is famous for its distinctive color palette and stunning grain patterns. It often features a base color ranging from golden brown to dark brown, with dark veins running through the wood grain. These veins can vary in shades of black, brown, and even olive green, creating a visually captivating appearance.

One of the most striking features of bocote is its natural luster. When polished, bocote wood can shine with an almost metallic sheen, giving it a luxurious and refined look. This feature makes it a sought-after choice for crafting high-quality Laguiole knife handles.

In addition to its appealing aesthetics, bocote wood possesses physical properties that make it excellent for Laguiole knife handles. It is hard, dense, and resistant to wear, meaning it can withstand the rigors of daily Laguiole knife use. It is also relatively stable, reducing the risk of warping due to moisture or temperature variations.

The use of bocote wood for the manufacture of Laguiole knife handles has become increasingly popular due to its exceptional qualities. Laguiole knife makers appreciate not only its durability and stability but also its ability to be polished to an exceptionally smooth finish. This silky finish provides a pleasant feel under the fingers and gives Laguiole knives an elegant appearance.

Bocote wood handles also offer excellent grip, which is essential for a safe Laguiole knife use. Grip is particularly important for a Laguiole knife, where well-balanced and comfortable-to-hold knives are essential for precise and safe cutting.

In conclusion, bocote wood is an exceptional material for making Laguiole knife handles due to its natural beauty, durability and unique properties. Whether for professional kitchen knives, collector's Laguiole knives or traditional Laguiole pocket knives, bocote wood brings a touch of elegance and functionality. It is clear that bocote wood will continue to be a popular choice for making Laguiole knife handles.

Laguiole le Fidèle

Data sheet

Handle raw material
Bocote Wood
Blade type
12C27 Stainless steel
Stainless steel (x2)
Classic Spring & Welded Bee
Folding knife

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