Brown leathercase for Rounded Laguiole


Brown Leather Case for Rounded Laguiole Knife


Type : Brown Leather Case for Rounded Laguiole Knife
Raw material : Leather
Color :  Brown
14,5 cm (5.7in)

No dishwasher

Delivered with certificate of authenticity

In order to keep intact the beauty of your handle and to protect your blade from external attacks, Laguiole French knives offers you a wide range of cases.
They are ideal to put your favourite knife away when you are not using it, and keep your Laguiole in pristine condition.

What would be the point of taking such great care to choose your ideal knife, if you didn’t protect it afterwards ?

Brown or Black, choose your preferred colour. Ideally suited to keeping your knife safely in your pocket, in your jacket or in your backpack, our leather cases also come with a strap so you can wear them on your belt.

Stamped with our famous bee, there are several models of leather cases for you to choose from, for smaller or bigger blades, there is smething for everyone.

You love your knife, protect it with one of our Leather Case

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