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Sets of 6 "Le Racé"

Originally "Laguiole", a very small relief chapel, belonged to the parish of Alcorn. Etymologically, Laguiole is rooted in the word "La Gleisola" (1182) meaning small church. Its spelling would therefore require a separation of the word in order to reveal the original article.

In the 16th century Laguiole became the main church. Its pronunciation “Laïole” comes from the patois of our ancestors. Contrary to the ideas conveyed by visitors to our region and the Laguiolais who went to Paris by grouping together in the Auvergnats friendships, Laguiole was always located in Rouergue (Haute-Guyenne).

The Laguiole Bull, an imposing bronze statue by Georges Guyot, has been sitting on the Place du Foirail since 1947. It is the symbol of the Aubrac breed throughout the plateau. Sometimes holidaymakers grant it virtues of bringing good luck ...

Created by a cutler from Thiers, these Le Racé pocket knives are composed of a 9 cm long 12C27 stainless steel blade, a long stainless steel bolster and a wooden or horn handle. delicately hand-crafted is adorned with a fly in the shape of a stylized scallop.
The total length of these pocket knives is 20 cm.

These knives are made in the Thiers cutlery area.

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