Canteen of Laguiole Cutlery - 24 items

Canteen of laguiole cutlery of 24 items including 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 dessert spoons and 6 spoons.

Ask us if you are looking for other raw material.

Laguiole cutlery sets proudly complete your table. With such service, you will have a superb and unique table.
Don't wait any longer for big festive meals to put Laguiole cutlery on your table.
Indulge yourself by offering yourself an elegant and robust Laguiole table service.

Luxurious services to decorate your family meals: the choice is vast in the Laguiole de Table collection.
Made with horn or precious wood, you will be able to find the service that will go perfectly with your table.

To perpetuate the pleasure of Laguiole pocket knives during your meals, treat yourself to the Laguiole table knife sets: no need to choose between style and strength, they combine both!
Faithful to the tradition and to the manufacturing quality identical to our folding knives, these knives offer you the pleasure of a perfect edge to enjoy every day.

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