Laguiole corkscrew with Amourette wood handle and stainless steel bolster


laguiole corkscrew, Wine Opener

  • Handle made with amourette wood
  • 1 stainless steel bolster
  • 12C27 stainless steel

• Handle made with amourette wood
• 100% made in France
• Highly resistant bit-fastening axis
• Has a bottle opener and a foil cutter with micro serrated edge
• Conical bit for opening old bottles more delicately without breaking corks which have become fragile over time.
• Delivered with an adjustment wrench which retightens the axis
• Handle fitted with Torx screws
• Delivered in a gift box with leather protection case

No dishwasher

Delivered with certificate of authenticity

This Laguiole knife is made in France in our workshops of Laguiole le Fidèle.

It is unique and handcrafted by our expert craftsmen with 170 manual operations.

Amourette wood handle

Brosimum guianense, the amourette wood or speckled letter, is a South American tree in the Moraceae family. Its wood is very dense and can recall patterns of snakeskin. The French name of "lettre mouchetée" finds its origin in an ancient use of this wood: because of its solidity, it was used to make block letters, while the small black spots which adorn this wood earned it the adjective of amourette. It comes from Guyana and Suriname most often. It is used for musical instruments (violin bows), for knife handles and for turning precious objects like pens. The trunks are small and the sapwood is often removed during felling, which is why only small objects can be made in love.


Data sheet

Handle raw material
Amourette Wood
Blade type
12C27 Stainless steel
Shiny steel
Classic Spring & Welded Bee
Folding knife