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Laguiole configurator

Make your own laguiole knife using the laguiole configurator . You can choose

  • the blade (stainless steel or damascus)
  • the bolster (stainless steel or brass)
  • the spring (forged or not)
  • the spring pattern (hand guilloched)
  • the raw material of handle

You cane make your own Laguiole using laguiole configurator. You can choose the bolster (Stainless steel or brass), the raw material of the handle (Padauk Wood, Olive Wood, Jupiner Wood, Walnut Wood, Oak Wood, Bovine Bone, Palisander Wood, Thuja Root Wood, Violet Wood, Boxwood, Cocobolo Wood, Blond Horn Tip, Brown Horn, Ebony Wood, Royal Ebony Wood, Ironwood, Mammoth Ivory, Bocote Wood, Rosewood, Birch Wood, Amourette Wood, Giraffe Bone Blue Stained, Amboyna Root Wood, Briar Root Wood, Curly Maple Wood, Gaiac Wood, Aluminium, Ram's horn, deer horn, Buffalo horn, Madreperlato, Mammoth molar), the blade type and the spring. 

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