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You might have experienced the beauty of Laguiole Knives, where the sharp and stainless steel blade meets the sturdy handle grip to make it a perfect and classic masterpiece. Laguiole is one of the popular identities that introduced unmatched knives to the world.

The Laguiole folding knives are finely handcrafted in some of France’s limited places to maintain its legacy and heritage. Those who are new to ‘Laguiole‘ must know that it isn’t any brand that needs promotion. Instead, it is a village where the fine-crafted knives came into existence. These knives have been highly beneficial during World-War. From war to cutlery, these knives can be used for versatile purposes, soothing your tasks more simply.

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  • Blade type: Guilloched blade 12C27 stainless steel
  • Handle raw material: Bovine Bone
  • Handle raw material: Ebony Wood
  • Handle raw material: Serpent wood