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Handle raw material

Handle raw material

Laguiole Wine Opener

The best waiters corkscrew has already everything you need.
It has a serrated knife which you use to cut the foil away. The build should be robust, so it can last for many years. It feels great in your hands, it looks stylish, and it shouldn’t take up too much space. It doesn’t take much force to pull off the cork, and then you’re done. No fuss, no muss.

The Key Elements of a Good Wine Corkscrfew are
-    Sharp foil cutting knife
-    Durable worm (or corkscrew) made of high quality metal
-    Free flowing hinge that holds up to repetitive use
-    An elegant body that compliments your favorite wine

The extraction of the cork is then obtained either by direct traction of the handle or via the lever mechanism.

Find on our site a selection of Laguiole folding knives made in the Thiers cutlery tradition.
You have the choice between different raw materials for the handles: olive wood, ebony, blond horn, cocobolo, rosewood, boxwood.

You can also chooe a model with a corkscrew.
Finally, if you wish to offer a Laguiole pocket knife, you can add a beatifull leather case.
You can also personalize the blade by adding an engraving.

Each product has been made with the greatest respect for the French Laguiole cutlery tradition, making each folding knife a unique piece - you can even personalize it with a design or text on the blade or handle.

The quality and precision of this "Made in France" work means that our Laguiole knives are lifetime guarantee.

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